We might not be jetting off overseas just yet, but that's no reason to let your Tide + Seek swimwear collect dust!

The UK is full of amazing bikini worthy spots, however, if you don't fancy getting sandy or heading to a normal pool, Lido's are a staycation MUST! If you are planning a trip within England in the near future, the experience is worth the visit.

We have put together a fantastic top five of our favourite Lidos.

But first of all, what is a Lido?

A lido is an open-air pool which usually resides near a beach but they can also be found in a city.



Jubilee Pool, Penzance.


Tide and seek photoshoot jubilee pools penzance


The Jubilee pool and us here at Tide + Seek have some history!

For our newest collection, we used the Jubilee pool for a stunning photo and video shoot. Not only does it show off our electric colour palette against the seafoam white walls but the lido itself adds a special ambience to the photographs. 

Described as one of the most unusual and pleasingly designed lidos of the era, the Jubilee Pool was designed in the early 1930s and opened with great celebration in May 1935, the year of King George V’s Silver Jubilee.

Currently the Jubilee pool is run with the utmost mindfulness. The lido is run with as little harm on the planet as possible. 

In 2018 they reduced the chlorine in the water by 78% making the water have less chlorine than in a glass of tap water! Not only that, they discourage the use of plastic being used as part of the "Plastic Penzance" scheme and have an inflatable toy recycling point which gets sent off to the charity Wyatt and Jack to be recycled and make them into bags.

If you are coming down to sunny Cornwall for a little vacay this summer, be sure to pay Jubilee Pool a visit! 

Saltdean, Brighton.


Saltdean lido plymouth

  (Image sourced from The Guardian) 

The interwar years brought the newfound obsession with sport and leisure to England. The Golden Age of seaside holidays, especially in Brighton!

The sleek art deco building screams the 30's, you can imagine the excitement around this fabulous pool when it was opening. Even to this day, if you wanted to live like a 1930's flapper girl for a day, we suggest lounging by the side of this Lido with a pair of our High Waisted Bikini Bottoms with a nice cocktail drink. Just close your eyes and feel the fantasy. 

The Saltdean is in the next stage of its refurbishment to restore the piece of art deco history which will include more amazing facilities such as a heritage cafe, community hub and an exercise centre just to name a few.  

For more information on Saltdean check out their website.


Brookwell, London.
(Image sourced from The Snapper)
Brockwell lido opened in  July 1937 and for the last 70 years it has remained open even through World War Two. This art deco gem is definitely something worth celebrating!
With a recent multi million pound restoration, it looks just as it did in its heyday in the late 1930s. It's also one of the last lidos in London. The pool is tucked away behind a line of trees, allowing you to feel as if you were anywhere but near the busy city of London.  
Spend a relaxing day by the poolside or pay a visit to the incredible health and fitness facilities - Take a yoga class and feel extra zen in our fitness leggings!
Tinside, Plymouth.
 (Image sourced from Visit Plymouth)

According to Hello Magazine, Tinside Lido in Plymouth is one of "most Instagrammable" pool's in the world! Positioned on the Hoe, you have stunning harbour views, you can watch the boats sail by or take advantage of the perfect background for your poolside bikini pic.
Let's get those tan lines and good times rolling, make the most of the best tanning spot in Plymouth by hitting the sunbathing deck. Don't forget your sun cream! If you want some more details about Tinside check out their website. 
NO. 5
Thames Lido, Reading.
(Image sourced from Thames Lido)
Originally built in 1902 as a ladies-only swimming bath, it is believed to be the oldest surviving outdoor municipal pool of the early Edwardian era! You'll be swimming in history. 
Nowadays, this historic lido is brought into the 21st century with a fresh take on the outdoor pool experience, complete with a delicious Spanish and Mediterranean themed restaurant and a poolside tapas bar to create the true holiday vibes.  
If you really want to relax to the fullest extent of the word, book yourself a stress-melting massage or facial and pamper yourself! Remember it's good to treat yourself.
They also have a sister pool in Bristol. For more information on Thames Lido, check out their website!
Get your tickets and make a splash.
Make sure you pack your Tide + Seek Swimwear with you!