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5 Stunning Secret Beaches in Bali You Must Visit

5 Stunning Secret Beaches in Bali You Must Visit

Want to get away from the crowded famous beaches? Deflated that you have not found that paradise beach with white sand and crystal blue water yet? Then have a little read of our top 5 secret stunning beaches that you must visit whilst visiting the beautiful Bali.

1) Virgin Beach - Candi Dasa

Pasir Putih Beach also referred to as 'White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach’  in East Bali is one of the island's many secret beaches. It's remote location is far from any major tourist spots meaning you will not have to share the beach with hundreds of others. This long white beach has crystal blue waters and consists of small local restaurants and beach shacks perfect for a day's beach kick back. 
virgin beach bali

2) Kelingking Point Secret Beach

Nusa Penida is a beautiful island that is just a short boat ride away from mainland Bali. It's home to many beautiful and quiet beaches and one in particular that you must visit is Kelingking point. 

To get there, hire a moped and drive about 30 minutes from the harbour to get to Kelingking. You will find a restaurant is perched on the mountain with some pretty extreme views.

Please note the safety at Kelingking is reliant on purely bamboo railing and at many points along the cliff edge, there is no rail whatsoever and the grass just leads you off the edge, down hundreds of feet onto the rocks. Be very careful and watch your step. 

You can walk down the spine of the dinosaur shaped headland and follow a path all the way down to the beach. Then just relax and enjoy this beautiful beach setting. 

Top Tip: The walk down is not easy and is quite steep. If you do not feel like you will be able to walk back up, we recommend just enjoying the amazing view from the top.

nusa penida kelingkan bali

3) Green Bowl Beach

The closure of Bali Cliff Resort has left this beach an abandoned piece of paradise that is only known to a few. It is quite tricky to find due to difficult turns down a few tiny roads with a very long descend down concrete steps until you can reach the sand. But for us that is perfect! It shows off Bali's natural beauty away from the tourists.

Green Bowl named after the algae covered rocks that are shown at low tide is also famed after its bat caves. If you are brave enough you can venture inside the caves after noon and see these flying creatures sleeping. 

Top Tip: Visit this beach between 12 - 3pm when the tide is low, any earlier the tide tends to be too high and the water can reach all the way up to the bottom of the steps.

green bowl beach bali indonesia tide and seek

4) Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach is a pristine 1.5-kilometre stretch of white sandy coastline that also happens to be one of Bali’s least visited beaches. Again as many of the others we have listed, this is due to its far-flung location and the long trek required to reach it.

However it is perfect for a day trip for anyone exploring the southern Bukit peninsula. It also offers great surf for those looking for uncrowded waves. 

nyang nyang beach bali

 5) Padang Bai Beach

You may have heard of Padang Bai before as it is the main ferry port for long distance travel to Lombok and also to Sumbawa. And yes, the harbour here is quite dirty BUT a little known secret awaits just around the corner. Not far from the harbour if you keep on going there is a long white sand coastline that gives way to coconut trees and a secret beach that unfolds before your eyes.

It’s just a stones throw from Padang Bai yet takes on a relaxing, island paradise vibe. Beach shacks are strewn along the shore line selling anything from coconuts to ice cold beer.

padang bai


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