MY SERENDIPITY RETREATS: More than just a yoga retreat

Introducing 'My Serendipity Retreats' - located in a place special to our hearts here at Tide + Seek HQ - Sri Lanka!  My Serendipity retreats is a Women’s Yoga Retreat directed towards those who want to have an unforgettable, nourishing and inspiring experience, connecting with themselves as well as soaking up happy vibes with like-minded women from different parts of the world.

The retreat is founded by three young, travel loving women who strongly believe in the word “SERENDIPITY”. A word which means an unexpected good luck, a beautiful coincidence or amazing discoveries you weren’t looking for. With love, luck and courage they made “My Serendipity”.


Why is 'My Serendipity' different to other yoga / surf retreats? 

One of their main focuses is to help the community of local women whose only role is to cook and raise their kids at home. Women in Sri Lanka and around the world struggle for economic or social independency, this is why they are trying to involve local women to work with them.

My Serendipity is more than a unique culture experience, it’s a project made by women and dedicated to women. It’s a community where we can inspire and encourage each other. 

The most special thing about this retreat is that all guests will enjoy a real culture experience, sharing stories and participating in activities where local women are involved.

Would you like to chase the sun with them, and have a week filled with surfing, yoga and mindfulness in a tropical environment?


My Serendipity's Launch Week: Sri Lanka 2020

The opening retreat is organised for the 12th – 19th of January 2020 in a beautiful coastal villa just walking distance from the beach, surrounded by coconut trees located in Kabalana, the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.


At 'My Serendipity', travellers can practice all types of yoga. A few to mention is Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga on a beautiful river surrounded by nature. For the ocean lovers, you can also enjoy the waves and learn how to surf. Sri Lanka is the perfect place to start surfing or take your skills to the next level with mellow waves and warm waters.


The Team

The team is Deborah from Germany, Marina from Spain and Ylva from Norway, three happy souls who have spent years enjoying the beauty and richness that Sri Lanka has to offer. They have all changed their lives radically by leaving their home to follow their dreams around the world. They met in Sri Lanka through a shared passion for yoga, surfing, travel and curry. They felt so lucky finding each other, and since the day they met, they became inseparable friends. 


For more information on the retreats and to book check out there website here.  


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We have teamed up with them to offer you a 10% discount of their next retreat, just quote the code: Tide+Seek+Serendipity



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