Did you know what ‘Tripophobia’ means? 

It’s the fear of not having any travel trips currently booked.

Let’s face it, we are all have tripophobia right now, we all are craving that holiday feeling - waking up outrageously early in the morning to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare or you are someone who hasn’t got the best time keeping skills and has no spare time at all, barely making your flight! We have all been there.

Here at Tide + Seek, we know we all have that need to jet off somewhere new and exciting before winter is upon us. 

Since most of us have been stuck at home with all the restrictions Covid has put on us, now with the first vaccine well underway and the second being rolled out quickly, the world is starting to adapt and feel like we can have our lives back a bit more. Not to mention, with summer slowly coming to an end, it’s a good time to book a spontaneous trip away!

We have put a list together of countries perfect for a late year holiday. All stunning locations where you can either have your well earned relaxation time or be adventurous in your best travelling friend - TIDE + SEEK swimwear!




If you are fully vaccinated, no need to isolate for 14 days once you are there. Malta is the country to jet off to! The country does have only one travel policy which is proof off having both vaccines, otherwise you can't get in.

Malta is prefect for a late in the year getaway as you are almost guaranteed good weather with 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.  All three islands are buzzing with alfresco restaurants, nightlife and glorious food - and it’s all just three hours and 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport in the UK.

Dive head first into the crystal clear waters with a scuba diving trip or visit the glorious blue lagoon - if you like a bit of history, Malta is rich in it, with St. John’s Co-Cathedral which is one of the prettiest churches in Europe and many more fascinating architecture.




You may not be living in your bikini the whole of a trip to Iceland however, you will definitely have your opportunities to.

Iceland has some of the most incredible natural hot springs in the world. You can visit the Blue Lagoon thermal spa where you can experience the natural springs yourself - the water is enriched with minerals that are fantastic for your skin, not to mention the mask bar where you can swim up to within the thermal pool get your very own face mask made from silica and algae. These ingredients 'unlock the door to healthy, luminous, ageless skin' as the website states.

That's a reason in itself to go to Iceland! Who doesn't want to be pampered. 

Not to mention the stunning views you wouldn't see anywhere else in the world, like the black beaches and witnessing the northern lights with your own eyes.




Throughout September and October, Portugal is still definitely on the warm side, especially on the beautiful southern coast, the Algarve is in the high 20’s this time of year, perfect for a sunny beach getaway to finish the year off.

The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. Explore a region blessed with magnificent sandy beaches, picturesque fishing towns and If you want to catch some waves, the Algarve is the place to be.

The area is becoming more known for its surfing scene, Praia do Tonel beach has some of the best surf with a blossoming surf community. 

Right next to the fantastic surf beach is Cabo da Roca which is the most western point in not only Portugal but all of Europe, most often referred to as “the edge of the world”. It is a rugged coastline adorned with rocky cliffs overlooking the roaring Atlantic Ocean; and one of the best views in Portugal.





If you are looking for a different sort of Christmas experience, Barbados is very popular for that time of year! You may have to be in the air for 9 hours but it'll be an unforgettable trip that's definitely worth the flight. It's also on the green list.

With pearlescent white beaches and warm waters, Barbados has it all for a relaxing vacation with the laidback lifestyle. Instead of a filling yourself to the brim with a classic roast followed by an after dinner nap for a hour or so, throw tradition out of the window and you'll be roasting on the beach in your TIDE + SEEK bikini with cocktail in hand! Accompanied by the mouth watering smell of a tropical BBQ filling the air. 

Although, if you aren't looking for chilled vibes 24/7, this Caribbean island has an amazing party scene too with lively nightlife, from high-energy nightclubs to thriving local pubs and bars. When the sun goes down, Barbados wakes up! Time to dance the night away.





What can you expect going to Croatia? Sunshine and watersports!

Live in your TIDE + SEEK swimsuit on the stunning Croatian beaches with temperatures in September/October averaging between 18°C to 24°C. Take the plunge and scuba dive in the crystal clear ocean leaving nothing to the imagination and see all the magnificent exotic sea life or top up your tan on the stunning beaches in Dubrovnik or Split.

Explore the many islands by going on sailing adventures and island-hopping across the best ones in the country. We have all heard about how beautiful the Greek islands are, well Croatia’s Adriatic islands are just as breathtaking or possible more so! 


Don't forget to pack you're TIDE + SEEK before jetting off!