Meet Zala Cuden, a traveling surfer and digital nomad who has travelled to some of the most exotic parts of the world. We recently caught up with her to find out more about her lifestyle and how she got into surfing. 


Hey Zala! First of all we would love to know how old you are and where you are from? 

I am 29 and originally from Slovenia.


There isn't much surf in Slovenia is there, so how did you get into surfing?

I started surfing in the Canary Islands just for vacations and I got addicted straight away.

zala cuden wearing Tide + Seek sustainable swimwear


What is it that you love about surfing?

I would say the whole lifestyle, freedom and spending time in the ocean.


Where has been the best place you have ever surfed? 

Mentawai islands, Indonesia.

zala Cuden surfing Tide + Seek

What do you look for when purchasing swimwear to surf in? 

I am always looking for swimwear that stays on. I don’t want to get bothered about bikinis while I surf.


How do you keep fit in between waves? 

I surf almost all year round, so when I don’t surf I usually do some exercise, just to be ready for my next trip.


How do find being a digital nomad and travelling from place to place all the time? 

It’s great! I guess you have to be a particular kind if person for that. I would say its not for everyone, but I enjoy it a lot. 


We see that you are currently in South Africa, how is it and where are you off to next? 

South Africa is great! Beautiful place with amazing waves. Its quite sharky but oh well you have to deal with that fear to right? 

Next destination is Canary Islands and then Indonesia

zala cuden surfing

Your three top travel essentials? 

Coconut oil, bikinis, cap.


Do you do anything in your daily routine to try to travel and live sustainably?

For sure! Its crazy whats happening with all this plastic. If I have time on the island I go for a beach walk and collect rubbish, never taking a plastic bag, even if I can’t carry what I bought, reusable bottle for the water, trying to spread the word about it everywhere I go because people still don’t get it.

zala cuden wearing Tide + Seek sustainable swimwear in South Afric


Follow Zala on her travels @zalacuden